Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let it (not) snow, let it (not) snow, let it (not) snow!

Snow. Oo, pretty! Okay, over it.

Today I broke down and called the pediatrician and begged for some form of drug to give my child. His nose has been leaking like a faucet, albeit a gross one, for 6 days now, and it's time to get down and dirty with it. All the child advice says Thou Shalt Not Give Babies Antihistamines, but I am all about it if it helps this baby sleep. I am not keeping Spencer out of Mother's Day Out again if it means I have to shove corks up his nose! So I called the pediatrician first to see if I could dodge the bad mother police. They advised Benadryl. Ahhh...drugs... So I hotfooted it to Kroger, and whattya know, it really does help. I'm so relieved. And so is he, I can tell. Ferris asked if he could have some too, so we might all be taking baby benadryl before long.

I also got some top secret birthday presents for Ferris, so next week should be fun. He's cooking something delicious for Valentine's day on Sunday evening. He grumbles that Valentine's day is a Hallmark conspiracy to make up a reason to force men to spend money in February, so Ferris bucks the system by refusing to get me flowers or bears with heart t-shirts or even cards, usually. But he cooks me lamb chops, so I have no complaints. Ferris can tear it up in the kitchen when he puts his mind to it. He hasn't told me what the menu is, but 5 bucks says it's lamb chops, asparagus, and a glass of wine. Mmmmmm.......

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