Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow baby

Well it seems we won't have our snow around much longer. We've had a balmy January that felt pretty much like spring, until this weekend. We had over an inch of snow fall, after a day of freezing rain, so Spencer and I have been housebound for 2 days. Ferris managed to make it to work on Saturday, but "whistle britches" and I preferred to stay home and play in the snow. Spencer saw a teeny bit of snow a few weeks earlier, but he seemed to have no idea what was going on. This time he was more aware of things, and he loved it! He noticed the peculiar muffling quality of the sound, so he was squawking at the top of his lungs. The crunching under his feet excited him, until he stomped his feet hard enough to fall down. He wasn't wearing mittens, so he was surprised at the cold and wet. He would shake his hands vigorously, as if to say, "I did NOT expect this to stick!". Then I would rub his hands until they were warm and dry, and off he would go to do it all again. I didn't have a camera with me, but I did take pictures of the first time he saw snow, so that will have to do. This Sunday morning, I have never been so determined to go to church as I was today. I am LEAVING THIS HOUSE! Spencer was not at all happy to have me leave after 2 straight days of 100% mommy time, but when I came back to pick him up, he was happily munching snacks and flirting with the nursery ladies. That's my boy, no problem too great to be solved with snacks.

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